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Guess Who's Back!?

My prednisone face during the last year... this drug is no joke! :(

Hey everyone!!!! It's been such a loonnnnnnnggg time! I hope all of you are well and have been staying safe during this pandemic.

Since you haven't heard from me in such a long time, I am sure some of you may be wondering where I've been... welp... it's a long story but I am going to do my best to be straight forward & to the point!


In 2017 I started experiencing extreme fatigue & pain in various joints throughout my body, especially in my hands. I tried to ignore the pain and push through but the pain intensified throughout my body. I started having severe pain in my hips, knees, wrist and other joints. The pain & fatigue got so bad that I decided to take some time off from the gym. However, the more I rested, the worse I felt.

After about a month of intense pain, I decided it was time to see my primary physician who ended up sending me to see a Rheumatologist. After an examination & some blood work, the rheumatologist determined that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS!!! BUT HOW!!!??? I was only 37 years old! I ate right! I exercised! I did everything I am supposed to do! How could this happen?

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Well apparently RA is an autoimmune disorder that is not hereditary and doesn’t care about your overall health. With RA, your body mistakes your joints for being something forign & your body literally fights itself constantly. RA doesn’t discriminate… if you get it, you get it & unfortunately, I got it! :(


The pain continued & I got to the point where I literally had tried almost every RA drug on the market, but nothing really worked. In 2018, I moved in with my parents because I could no longer do my daily living tasks (bathing, dressing, cooking & cleaning) unassisted. My parents helped me navigate through these tasks. I felt horrible, but I was thankful that my 70 year old parents were in a position to be able to help me. They were truly a blessing & I cannot thank them enough.

Ok...let me rush this along.. :)

As the pain got worse, my rhumatologist suggested that I take prednisone (oral steroid) to give me some pain relief. Reluctantly, I tried it… and instantly I felt better. I was so happy. Unfortunately, prednisone’s very undesired side effects & weight gain is one of them, among others. So 4 years on prednisone & atleast 100lbs heavier, yep at least 100lbs ---here I am. Almost right back from where I started...

September 2020- September 20201

I moved back to my own home in September of 2020. I was blessed to be able to land a virtual teaching job. So I've been home for about 1 year now. Although I still have good days & bad days. Overall, however, I feel a lot better...and you know what that means???? IT IS TIME!!!!! I am ready to get my health back on track! I am ready to get this nutrition in order! I am ready to start working out (baby steps of course). I AM READY TO GET THIS BODY RIGHT!!!!! BUT--- I need your help! I need some accountability partners!!! Who wants to hold me accountable??? Who is also ready to kick off their journey to better health! Who wants to do this with me? Who is ready for this quest to better health & wellness?

All Aboard!

I have developed a new & improved accelerated weight loss program, with more flexibility & more choices. I am offering face to face accountability/ coaching sessions, virtual personal training & much more! I am even releasing the program that I will follow myself! How cool is that!? I am super excited to start my transformation & I would love for you to join me! Are you in!!!?

If so, please click the link below to join or to learn more!!

Happy Transforming!

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