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In today's society, we are pretty obsessed with the booty! One of the things people ask is me how I've lost so much weight but still maintained my butt. Also, I am frequently told "I want to lose weight in my stomach but I want to keep my butt." Well... I hate to break it to y'all... you can't target your weight loss (stomach versus butt), but you can keep and/or build your butt by some pretty simple exercises.


The Cardio Booty:

My booty pictured here was the first phase of my butt when I lost my first 75lbs. As you can see, its considerably smaller (flatter) than my original butt. This booty was a product of A LOT of cardio (12-14 hours a week) and little to no strength training. My weight was about 135lbs.


The Fitness Competition Booty:

This is the second phase of my booty. This booty was created by a little less cardio and 5-6 days of strength training. I focused specifically on exercises that targeted my booty at least twice a week. Interestingly enough, my weight was only 118lbs but clearly, my booty was a lot larger and more defined the The Cardio Booty!


After the Show Booty:

This booty is a product of increased calories and a balance of cardio and lifting heavy. Its also a product up gaining back some GOOD fat after my fitness competition. It's very important that after you finish a fitness competition that you put on some good fat to get your levels back on track after being so depleted for so long.


The Now Booty:

The Now Booty is a combination of a balance between cardio and weight training. I typically target my booty and hamstrings 2 days a week. I still typically lift heavy weights to keep my lower body shapely.


If Marge can do it... So can you! :)


How I Did it & How you can too!

You know I couldn't end this without showing you some of my favorite exercises. Please click the video below to see a bunch of my favorite booty exercises! Enjoy!

Good luck building your FitBUTT!

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