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Belly Fat, Protein, Motivation!

Below, you will see the top 5 "What Do You Want to Know Wednesday" questions!

Azilee- Brooklyn

Q. I was 226 pounds now I got down to 186 with the help from medication and a weight loss management program. Now I'm trying to do it on my own but for the last 7 months I been at the same weight. What can I do to get down to 160 ?

A. Congratulations on your loss! It’s going to be important for you to change your diet more and increase your exercise. If you are staying the same weight, it means that you have not created a large enough calorie deficit that would allow you to loose weight. In other words, the amount of calories you are putting in is the same about of calories you are putting out. In order to lose weight, your calories in must be less than the calories you are burning. You have to have a deficit of at least 3500 calories to loose 1 lbs. That basically calculates to a 500 calorie deficit 7 days of the week. Try that and you should see your weight start to move again.

Lakeshi- Alanta

Q. What type of meals I can prepare for lunch instead of salad to keep me full.

A. The best way to stay satisfied after lunch is to be sure that you are eating enough protein. Most people eat too many carbs and not enough protein. You burn carbs very quickly and that’s why you feel hungry a short while after you eat. Salads are fine, but once again, you should add protein. Protein takes longer to burn, thus keeping you fuller longer.

Crystal- South Carolina

Q. Tips on how to stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey

A. The way I stayed motivated during my weight loss journey was by celebrating small victories. All victories don’t have to be related to the number on the scale. Your pants may be fitting better. You may notice that you are carrying less back fat. You may have had the goal to workout 4 times in one week and you met that goal. Celebrate any and everything that you can. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It is a rocky road and a slow process. Don’t be in a hurry. Slow and steady wins the race!

Debra- NYC

Q. I'm skinny all over except my waistline and stomach. What can I do for this problem?

A. It may sound redundant, but a clean diet is the key to most concerns regarding belly fat, waistline, etc. You may need to tighten up your diet even more. Check to see if you are consuming too much hidden sugar. Are you drinking drinks with calories? Are you doing enough exercise? Try to also focus on doing exercises that focus on your core.


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