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The Answers!!! What Do You Want to Know Wednesdays!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this weeks What do you Want to know Wednesday (WDYWTKW)( Long abbreviation). If I did not address your question, stay tuned because it may be answered the following week!


Constance, Atlanta GA

Q. How can you, successfully, begin your weight loss journey on an extremely tight budget? Food recommendations?

A. The best way to start your weight loss journey on a tight budget is by planning. You should research the best foods for weight loss (i.e., grilled chicken breast) and buy it in family or bulk sizes. If you have a family, to eliminate purchasing and preparing different foods, you should purchase family friendly options that everyone would enjoy. You just have to be careful about the preparation and the quantities that you personally will eat!

Shuandre- Nashville TN

Q. I really want to start working out at home. Where should I start

routine etc. I know eating is a big part of it.

A. You are absolutely right! Weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Therefore, its important to adjust your eating. As far as your home workouts, I would suggest going to Google, YouTube or Pinterest and do a search of home workouts!

Tiffany- Ellenwood, GA

Q. Do you do fasted cardio? How often and how long should my cardio sessions be in order to burn body fat?

A. Yes, I have done fasted cardio and it yields great results if you know what you should eat after the cardio. Typically you will want something that has a somewhat high carb count (i.e., Chocolate milk).

When you workout, the first 15-20 mins only burn off carbs. You don’t begin burning fat until after 20 mins, provided you are in your fat burning zone. You can determine your fat burning zone by doing a Google search or purchasing a calorie watch like a FitBit, then you can measure whether or not you are in the right zone for ultimate weight loss!

Shasta -Lawrenceville, GA

Q. I have had 2 k

ids (not making an excuse) but how do I loose that pouch that's in front of me. I workout, eat right. I've lost a total of 43 pounds but this pouch doesn't seem to want to move!

A. Congratulations on your weight loss!!! This may sound redundant but I am sure your diet could be cleaned up a lot more than what it is. Pay attention to hidden sources of sugars in foods. Monitor your fat and carbohydrate intake. Take a look at how you are preparing your foods. You will be surprised at what foods prevent loss of belly fat! On another note, the belly is the last thing to go, so practice patience!

Erica- Carrollton, Ga

Q. How does your program produce such amazing results?

A. Thank you Erica! My program produces great results because I focus on lifestyle changes rather than short-term diets that eliminate food groups. I also continuously tweak your meal plan so that you don’t reach a plateau. Most people are surprised when they receive their first meal plan because its nothing like what they expect!

I also believe that the weekly accountability checks that I provide, greatly improve the likelihood of success. I will be that tough coach and your cheerleader at the same time!

Natalie- Chicago

Q. How can I find out what foods affect my body mass solely because I am not a binge eater and I know I don't eat enough meals daily but the foods I eat stick to my body like glue? What foods burn fat and keep your metabolism going?

A. I suggest doing a Google or Pinterest search to find out what foods are best for ramping up your metabolism. However, your problem is, just as you indicated, you aren’t eating enough food. When you don’t eat enough, your body goes in to starvation mode. Once that happens, the body is going to sustain itself by holding on to the food you put in your body so it can function properly. You should be eating 5-6 small meals per day, this will also ramp up your metabolism because your body can’t go in to starvation mode if you are eating frequent meals!

That’s it for this week!!!

Thank you for submitting your questions. I love hearing from you! Whenever you have a question please visit and click the “What do you want to know” link in the menu. You can submit your questions at anytime, however,the cut off for submissions is Wednesday of each week. Please keep in mind that only subscribers will be able to read the answers to the questions, so please be sure to subscribe!

Until Next week!

Love, Coach Myya!

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