Personal Chef Service

Serving Metro Atlanta, including Douglas County

Are you considering purchasing a meal plan but don't have the time to prep and prepare your foods? Don't worry, Chef Keshawn will take care of that for you.  Keshawn is available to prep and prepare you foods and deliever them to you, or he can prep and prepare your foods on site!

*Meal Plan Purchase Required*

Basic Prep


7 Meals ($135)

Plus the cost of food



Grocery Shopping ($35.00)

Delievery Fee ($20.00)



Premium Prep


14 Meals ($175.00)

Plus the cost of food


Add on

Delivery Fee ($20.00)

Grocery Shopping Fee ($35.00)

14 Day Value Prep


 2 Weeks ($250)

Plus the cost of food

14 Meal Per Weeks  ($50 Savings)


Add On

Grocery Shopping Fee ( $35)

Delivery Fee ($25) 

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